Etched aluminum top Counterpunch

Here is a super cool new Counterpunch with a hand-formed aluminum top that has been acid etched with an abstract paisley pattern. The “paisleys” are just ever so slightly raised for an awesome feel. Mahogany body, stained maple neck , steel pickguard and Macassar ebony fingerboard with a brass and aluminum inlay on the 12th fret. A very slick doghair finish on the back completes the noir vibe of this guitar. All the hardware is hand patinaed, including the metal top hat volume control and mushroom dome tone control. This Counterpunch is equipped with Lollar Imperials and is a very punchy, bright guitar with amazing note separation when playing big chords. Articulate? Why, yes! Does it also rock? Yes, it does.

Custom Aluminum Top Counterpunch

Check out this new super custom Aluminum Top Counterpunch. A great player that is full of cool electronics. It has El Rayos by Lollar Pickups, an Uno Mos booster by Homebrew Electronics, HBE and a Bumble Buzz by Union Tube & Transistor for Third Man Records. An alder body and a Pao Ferro neck and fingerboard combined with all that steel and aluminum makes for a guitar the just screams. Oh yeah, the big red button is a stutter switch. If you turn everything on at once, it blows up the world (in a good way).

M-tone Custom Knucklebuster TKO

Here’s a pretty custom TKO, pinstriped by VooDoo Larry for my friend Knuckles, a killer Portland player. It’s got an underwound Lollar Imperial in the neck and a Special T in the bridge. Smokin’!

Custom Industrial M-tone Counterpunch

Uber-custom industrial M-tone Counterpunch has a hand-formed aluminum top over an Alder body. Hidden inside the depths of this machine are a Coldcraft Fiesta Fuzz and and Apple Butter Auto Wah controlled by a Shadow kill pot. Every surface is meticulously hand worked and custom features abound, including the pickup covers, the 12th fret marker, the metal headstock veneer and the leaking oil paint job on the back. Of course it has a killer neck and the smoothest frets you’ve ever played. Sounds? Yup, it’s got a ton, and they’re all good.

M-tone Counterpunch

Introducing the M-tone TKO

Everything you’ve come to expect from an M-tone guitar is now available in this much-loved iconic shape. This classic single-cut first saw the light of day in 1949. As a tribute to that era of unprecedented invention, I’m making a limited run of 49 of these awesome instruments.

Each numbered and signed guitar includes a hand carved bird’s eye maple neck with a gorgeous rosewood fingerboard. The swamp ash bodies each have an original, one-of-a-kind finish design. The thin, tone transparent, deep grain velvet finish feels and looks super sexy while letting the tone of the wood shine through. As always, every M-tone is an individual creation and no two guitars are alike. Check out more TKO pictures and details.

These two are available at Rebel Guitars

M-tone TKO